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Pepys Diary 24 Sep and 30 Sep 1665

By Christopher Potter, Jun 7 2014 12:00PM

' - it has pleased God that in this sad time of the plague, everything else hath conspired to my happiness and pleasure, more for these last months than in all my life before in so little time.'

'I do end this month with the greatest content, and may say that these last three months, for joy, health and profit, have been much the greatest that ever I received in all my life...'

During the height of this plague year Pepys' vows are not only broken but all forgotten. For the first time in his life Pepys writes a will. He confides to his diary that he does not know if he will be alive 48 hours hence. And yet he has never had more friends, more dinners, more sex, never been wealthier or happier.

Ah, the days before Freud.

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